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Recovery-high vials suitable for all applications

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The high recovery vials are units which are used for easy shipment of vital biological substances usually required for carrying on necessary experiments. Since these substances are used for performing necessary medicinal experiments so it becomes necessary to carry them safely and securely. These high recovery units are equipped with a unique bottom which renders multiple benefits to employers of both manual and automated handling as well as storage mechanism. So, whether they are to be used for carrying manual operations or for performing automated mechanism, these units can be used safely.

In order to provide individuals with the finest form of these vials, all these devices are crafted with low extractable glass of borosilicate. Moreover, these high recovery vials are supplied in the form of corrugated trays which are further included with SBS, solid bleach sulfate panels. Through these partitions it becomes easy to maintain clean conditions for vials which are an essential prerequisite for storing and shipping such products before they can be used for further experimental works. In order to meet all specifications to the fullest, these vials also provide custom packaging solutions to its users. So for all tricky and important works, these vials can be used.

What makes these units truly ideal for all kinds of purposes is its robust structure and well outlined shape. These high recovery vials are framed with fire glazed bottoms which provides supreme protection to all glass particulates which are to be shifted from one place to another. In addition to this, they are imbibed with novel form of low density particulate packaging methodology which makes them suitable to render protection against contamination of substances not only during storage but also at time of transportation. All these features are absent in low or normal vials, which is why such units are considered best to be used for multiple applications.

The conical shaped interior bottom part of these units provide them with a downward drainage mechanism thereby making the entire process of transferring liquid to them truly easy. Besides this, they are crafted from amber and clear borosilicate glass structure which provides complete transparency to them. This transparency is useful in detecting the color, type and form of substance stored in it. So while using any of such substances, individuals are not required to open all of them rather they can look through it and judge all its features. Presence of top screw lid on high recovery vials which is made with serum finish provides easy accessibility to these units. They can be opened and closed easily and can be stored for couple of days without any kind of oxidation or chemical reaction.

Such units are ideal to store both high as well as low dense substances. Moreover, they are also suitable to store substances which possess high chances of getting reacted with any other material from air. High protection is provided by them to substances against any kind of alkali reactions. Due to all such reasons, high recovery vials are considered best forms of units which can be used for storing, packaging as well as transporting all kinds of biological serums from one place to other.
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