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Morgellons and Other Itchy Skin Parasites That Doctors Don't Know About

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Before I was exposed to itchy skin parasites and Morgellons in 1994. As I was pulling screw pine trees in my yard a cloud of dust floated down on me. I paid little attention to it and a little later took a hot shower. Two or three days later during a visit to my mother, my significant other and I noticed the intense itching. Only after taking a hot bath next we found relief.
The respite was only temporary as the itch within hours returned and within a day or two and itching of the skin was accompanied by intense biting sensations. Hell had just begun as we rushed to the doctor who prescribed Elemite and after we apply, we got relief and thought that we were healed. But within about four days is back hell of itching and bite.
Soon, we came to know that itchy skin parasites infected our clothing, bedding and home. It was a frightening realization that were everywhere and anywhere we didn't know where it ended. I learned from the internet that diatomaceous earth kills everything. We have noticed tiny flying insects, which however were mites, flying home and assumed that they had something to do with our situation and relief hoped would be supplied using Diatomaceous Earth.
Early recycling of all our beds and we wore clothing that became our daily routine with scalding baths near two or three times a day. All over the counter product that we brought little relief. This has led more trips to the doctor. Even with bite marks, skin rashes and sores opened the doctor was puzzled.
In the end my girlfriend moved and got rid of itchy skin parasites with a product called liquid needles and an ice bath. The product never helped me and the ice bath was too much to ask of my body, so I never did. Instead I found relief with massive doses of garlic on a daily basis.
My life was controlled by the parasites skin itch that I assumed was Morgellons. Suicide was a thought that entertained whenever I thought never ever to get rid of them as relief from garlic eventually wore off.
With coining the term Morgellons in 2002 almost all with intense itching skin, looking for solutions on the internet assumes that all had Morgellons. For those of us who have been diagnosed as delusional, was something to hang our hats.
What saved my life was the advice of a friend who suggested that I look a dietary connection. Without garlic I finally discovered through the process of elimination that certain foods triggered itchy skin parasites and other foods put into remission. Since the King to save my sanity by Morgellons skin itching or pests that I called the diet of the King. And over the years, has led to hundreds of other people who suffer from mental health.
Around 2004 I learned of a colleague who claimed that Morgellons was a hoax and that all we were infected with Strongyloides stercoralis is a nematode, with which he was diagnosed. And guess what? Blood tests came out positive for Strongyloides stercoralis. His statement makes sense since I've never had fluorescent fibres that are typical of Morgellons.
Through another sick of itchy skin parasites I learned of springtails, also known as code of spring. They are invisible and appear to jump on ankles and I certainly had a lot of that going on.
Rather than claim that Morgellons is a fake, it became obvious that there are three different parasites of itchy skin that have similar bite and rescind the symptoms of itching skin and the good news is that the diet of the King was working for all three. With the possibility of being in contact with hundreds of other people I have learned a lot about all three types of parasites. I consulted a few physicians recognized that Morgellons sufferers treated for Lyme disease that I had an infection with protozoa and eventually all published in an e-book that goes in disinfection and bathing protocols, diet and medical and alternative approaches to both.
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