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One Thing You Probably Use Everyday That Is Killing You!

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You can get home after a long day at work, your tired and hungry and want to sit in front of the TV to watch Eastenders. You forgot to get the meat out of the freezer this morning, but that is ok, as you have a microwave for defrosting within 10 minutes and it does just that. Or maybe you have a pre-packed meal in the refrigerator that you can put in microwave for 15 minutes and volla, is ready to eat! If this sounds familiar?
Technology can be a good thing ... However, it also has its side effects to health. Microwave was first invented and brought to families in 1955. It wasn't until 1986, when it started to become popular and more people took them. Now, more than 90% of households have a microwave oven in their home.
For convenience, microwaves are fantastic. However, did you know that when you put your food in the microwave, you change the structure of the food so much, that the body cannot recognise?
There have been many studies done to see if the use of a microwave is safe. Here are the results of a study led by biologist Swiss scientist Dr. Hans Hertel. Eight people have participated in the study over a period of eight weeks consuming raw foods and cooked conventionally, microwaved. Samples were taken of blood after each meal and have found that there were significant changes in blood chemistry. Here are some of the results:
1. Microwave food consumed decreases values of hemoglobin and HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and white blood cells, causing a weakening of the immune system. Leukocyte levels increase also tends to indicate poisoning and cell damage resulting cancers and degenerative diseases.
2. Microwave foods leads to a higher percentage of cancerous cells in the bloodstream
4. Microwave altered the distribution of elementary substances when raw, cooked or frozen vegetables have been exposed to a very short time and formed the free radicals.
5. Microwave dishes down the body's ability to use the b-complex vitamins, Vit C, Vit E, essential minerals and lipotropics.
6. not only eat foods microwave but standing near a microwave work causes a large amount of health problems
7. Microwaves destroy 60-90 percent of the vital force that gives foods its vitality and nourishment. In another experiment, warming the breast milk, even with a low setting, some of the important features of disease-fighting milks were destroyed. The l-PROLINE amino acid that is found in breast milk was turned into D-PROLINE, a toxin proven for the nervous system, liver and kidneys.
With the numerous studies, have all reached the same conclusion, namely, microwave ovens are very dangerous. Returning to the traditional ways of cooking over the stove and oven brings greater health by providing all the nutrients that the food has to offer. The best way to cook the vegetables steam them slightly and slightly FRY or bake the meat and fish. It really doesn't take that much time or effort to this way of cooking. We recommend that you take your microwave to the local landfill and ending his life. Health, thank you for this.
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