Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do You Need First Aid Training?

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Medical emergencies can arise anywhere, at anytime and to anyone. And during such situations, it feels good to be useful. These days, a lot of people are signing up for first aid courses. Awareness of the basic medical aid is proving to be very helpful. But for some, it is a part of their job, a necessity. Check and find out if you are required to be trained in first aid procedures as a part of your job.

1. If you work with children

Children, babies, young people, they are all very susceptible to injuries and come under a high risk crowd. It is mandatory for teachers and caretakers in daycare centers, schools, colleges and hostels to have a good training in providing first aid. A good teacher should not only be capable of taking care of a child who may be a victim, but should also calm and control other children without alarming them.

2. If you are in a high risk job

You have a job which is considered dangerous and life threatening like in the police force or the fire fighting department. People with such jobs need first aid training to treat themselves if the need arises, to treat their colleagues and the public, if they are the victims.

3. If you work in a place with a lot of people

You work in a place which has a huge crowd like airports and shopping malls. Such places may sometimes have casualties because of the huge crowd. It is always good for the handlers and the employees to be properly trained to handle basic injuries and casualties. Again, in such places, because of the crowds, there tends to be a general panic reaction at times among people in the case of an accident. The employees must be trained to handle such reactions, reassuring them that all is fine and under control.

4. If you work in a fitness center

Fitness centers and gymnasiums can have a high list of accidents. They may be something as minor as muscle pull to something as serious as a heart attack. Given the nature of the activity that is performed in these places, all the instructors should have first aid training.

5. If you are in the transport industry

All people in the transport industry need to have proper training in providing first aid. Road transport, rail transport, civil aviation, they are all specialized fields and may have casualties which may affect all those surrounding them. For example, a casualty on board in a flight will affect all those flying and may trigger a panic reaction. The flight crew and ground staff, all must be well prepared to handle such emergencies.

6. If you are in the service industry

If you work in mechanical and service centers like car service stations and machine shops, you must have formal training in providing first aid, which is helpful to both you and the people around you.

Apart from all of the above mentioned, it is always good to be aware of simple medical treatment to relieve pain, to gain confidence and to keep medical situations from deteriorating till help comes.

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